Buddy Personal Training with Chris Kitson

Eddie is a Triathlete.  He started out receiving therapy with Chris, then moved into Personal Training to build on his strength training to progress in his sport. Listen to what he has to say about his training at The Movement Hub.


One to One Personal Training with Kim Tomlin

Nigel is a family man with who runs his own business. Personal Training changed his life; feeling so much fitter now than when he was younger. Listen to what he has to say about his training and experience at The Movement Hub.


Couples Personal Training with Kim Tomlin

Spencer was looking to improve his movement as an amateur athlete, joining his wife who was having one to one personal training at the time. Listen to what he has to says about his flexibility and mobility now.


Small Group Personal Training | Endurance Athlete

Leanne started seeing Chris with a niggle in her knee before a half marathon.  On the back of her rehab she joined in our Robust Runners Classes, then one to one personal training and is now a member of our Endurance Athletes small group personal training, seeing great improvements in her chosen sport.  Listen to what she has to say about her experience.


One to One Personal Training with Kim Tomlin

Irene had breast cancer; her training has hugely improved her movement in her right arm since starting personal training. Irene continues to train to maintain her movement overall, to combat the ageing process. Listen to what what she has to say about how her life has changed for the better.



One to One Personal Training with Chris Kitson

“Before coming to see Chris over 2 years ago, I had all but stopped running due to an IT band injury, thinking rest should cure the problem. I signed up to twice weekly PT sessions concentrating on strength and endurance training which got me back to running half marathons.

I can’t recommend Chris enough and fully believe he knows his stuff.”


One to One Personal Training with Kim Tomlin

"The Movement Hub is more than your average Personal Training Studio. It’s a community that supports its members, all with their unique goals that Chris and Kim support both inside and outside of training sessions.


Having trained with Kim for 7 years she has helped me reshape my life with her knowledge and advice for both exercise and nutrition. Our personal training sessions are always challenging, include progressions and we have fun too. She really does have an answer for every excuse I make. Chris has helped me along the journey too and has fixed me with his osteopathy and manual therapy skills. He too is friendly and approachable and his treatment sessions always leave me laughing!


The environment they have created at The Movement Hub is fantastic.  It’s a well-equipped space; it has everything you need for a personal training session. The fact it’s limited to running only a few sessions at once means you can always find what you need. Also my gym OCD is kept in line as the weights are always in the right place and right order.


The other members of The Movement Hub are great and we support each other in achieving our goals and we celebrate together.


So much more than a gym, I’d highly recommend!!

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Couples Personal Training with Kim Tomlin

"Kim is very passionate about her work; you may see PT instructors at gyms who are on the phone or talking to other people when they are training people. This is not Kim. She is totally focused on her client, one of her mantras is 'Always think about technique over adding weight’.


As I get older, I am more focused on maintaining movement, flexibly and general strength. What I have enjoyed about my time with Kim is her programs and the subtle changes she makes. It is only when you look back that you realise that those small changes that are made every week make a big change to your overall progress. Yes, I can squat lower, stretch further, balance better, press up better, lift more weight, recover faster and lose weight. "

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