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Beginners Guide to Moving More

Finding ways to move during Lockdown is pretty NEAT! (Need Extra Activity Today OR Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis*)

As restrictions are gradually lifted you might be thinking that moving more will be a little easier. You may be surprised to know you’re already moving more than you think and that adding more activity to your daily routine probably isn’t as hard as you first thought. Here are some Lockdown thoughts on adding more movement in to your day (and not even necessarily just during Lockdown).

Are you already moving?

Well unless you move from your bed back to your sofa and stay there all day, and then go back to bed then you’re already moving. In fact, even if you do do that you’re still moving, unless someone carries you from bed to sofa and back…(if only ey!)

Well, if your start point is bed to sofa and back to bed, try taking an afternoon nap in bed. That’s two more journeys from sofa to bed – well done, you’ve just increased your daily movement (NEAT). Easy huh?!

Do you get up to go to the toilet?

Guess what, you’re moving again….in fact you may even have a movement (sorry not sorry...)!

Do you fidget?

Do you annoy people with your constant fidgeting? Good! You can now tell them you’re keeping your activity levels up, even though it might look like you’re doing nothing! Fidget away! If you don’t fidget, now’s the time to get your own back on those that do. Tell you what, make it a competition who can fidget the most. GO!

Are you clumsy?

Are you always dropping things? Annoying isn’t it? Guess what? Every time you drop something you have to bend down and pick it up….unless you have a partner or a child (or anyone you live with counts) that does that for you, in which case you’re just helping them move more, which is actually very good of you – pat yourself on the back for that (does that count as movement?!).

If you’re the person they employ this tactic with then just shout back “pick it up yourself” (you may get a response you don’t like but just remember you’re doing it to help them) and then straight away drop something so you can pick it up and not lose out on the opportunity to move that you would have had otherwise.

Are you forgetful?

Also very annoying! So there you are working at home on your laptop in the dining room, you go upstairs to get…..what was it again? Exactly! You go back downstairs and, on the way, remember what it was, so you turn round and go back and get your memory stick (pun intended!). Guess what? Once again you have added some unplanned movement to your daily routine. Another pat on the back. Well done you.

How do you get moving over and above your daily NEAT?

So, if you’re already pretty active with the above and you’re not already redesigning your garden or house then perhaps it’s time to go for a walk. Doing that already? Great! Are you doing it daily? No, go on, get out daily, get some fresh air and sunshine. That’s also good for you. Maybe you’ve started running or cycling? Also awesome.

Already getting out daily? How about adding some more distance to your walk/run/cycle, or going for 2 outings on a couple of days a week.

Can’t leave the house? Get someone in your household to hide something you really need that day and then go find it. Live on your own? If you’re forgetful (see above) then hide it yourself. If you’re not, pretend you don’t know where you hid it! This activity may also create another opportunity to tidy your house once you’ve turned it upside down looking for whatever was hidden.

Need more help?

We’ve got some great home workouts for you on our Social Media (no equipment needed) and we also have some online classes you could join in. Your first one is FREE too.

We’ve been told that just watching our workouts on social media can increase heart rate but we do recommend getting involved because that’s really the point of moving more and beginning to exercise!

Already exercising or training for something in particular at home then keep up the good work. Fancy trying something new or adding variety into your routine then you can still check out our workouts and classes, we’d love to see you. We’ve also got an indoor sports day challenge; it’s amazing how exhausting getting up and down off the sofa can be when you have to do it 26 times….

Let us know how you’ve been keeping moving and how you intend to continue this going forward. We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

Kim and Chris

*Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for activity you do that is outside of planned exercise. It ranges from the energy expended walking around your house, typing, gardening, decorating, playing with the kids and fidgeting.

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